CO&CO scenografie e allestimenti
via Monza 6/8 - Verano Brianza (MB)
+39 0362 1792265

Co&Co is a specialized company with extensive experience in the construction of sets for the fashion industry, from impressive designs for displays and fashion shows to shop interiors.
Co&Co create set designs for all kinds of events; from television, film and photo shoots to the design and furnishings for homes, commercial, exhibition and work settings. Co&Co can take care of each step, from the planning process, prototyping, actual rendering and implementation in addition to offering assistance for the installation
Not only set design...
CO&CO is at the service of businesses, designers, architects, interior designers, set designers and individuals who are looking for custom products. CO&CO provides: sets for the theatre, events, television, exhibition stands, shop windows, and Interior designs from the construction, installation and finishing touches.
Set Design
CO&CO works in the area of set designs. They create elements and scenery for performances and events.

Co&Co provides:

Fittings for Theatre, Events, Set television, exhibition stands, showcases, Interior design from construction to finish up the installation.